That one

My early yoga class is attended by older folks who come to socialize, to stretch their aching bodies, love to lay on their backs and take any vinyasa as an unwelcome disruption to their awakening state. Our regular teacher was away and the students took habit of commenting on our substitutes before class. – The

Let’s be outsiders

As a Creative Director I do this everyday. It’s second nature. It’s what French call the B.A. BA, the basic, the “Duh.” When a client exposes its problematic, guess what? I approach it from an outsider perspective…Told you it was a “duh” thing.  I am emotionally detached from the key issues. I do not bare

Yama not there yet

As I was going to work, a boy was walking towards me on the sidewalk. He could not have been older than 10 years old, had a blond mohawk, freckles, a tee-shirt way too big and too faded. He was looking at me. My defense mechanism switched to DEFCON 1. Then he mumbled something. Oh boy,

Nice to meet you

I started my yoga journey in 2003 after moving to Georgia from Paris. One need yoga after such a move! 10 years later, I am still an humble aspiring yogini, practicing asanas as often as possible (I could do more but one has to enjoy wine), meditating (that I do often to keep my sanity